MIFFed (10th May)

Collision, directed by Nick Matthews, has been selected for the 60th Melbourne International Film Festival, one of the few festivals in Australia that is recognised by the Academy Awards.

St Kilda Win (22nd April)

Congratulations to Cleland Jones who won Best Editor at the St Kilda Film Festival for his work on Toot Toot. Cleland also won Best Editor at the recent South Australian Screen Awards for A Moment of Grace.

Da Vinci Up and Running (26th March)

The new Da Vinci HD Suite is fully functional. Storm Ashwood’s Paper Planes was recently completed using the system and was able to work with the original 4K Red RAW footage in real-time. This is one of the only systems in the state able to work with both Red and Alexa in their RAW format with access to the cameras metadata.

Stone Chapel (15th March)

Projector Films’ Stone Chapel online ad won Best Moving Image Campaign at the AADC Awards.

Bogan at Shorts (10th March)

Death of a Bogan has been selected for the 2011 Shorts Film Festival (

City Facility (1st January)

The Cutting Room has moved into new facilities in the city at 60 Hurtle Square.


Da Vinci (30th October)

The Cutting Room have begun building Adelaide’s first Da Vinci online system for colour grading. Da Vinci is the top industry standard for online work and has been used on films such as Avatar and Inglorious Bastards. The system is scheduled for completion in early 2011 and will be developed to handle everything up to 2K resolution and stereoscopic 3D.

Sydney IFF (18th June)

Congratulations to Viron Papadopoulos who’s film Bad Language recently won the CRC Award at the Sydney International Film Festival.

JSP in LA (15th March)

The film continues its run of success being selected for the 2010 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival in April (click here for more info).

Jackie’s Spring Palace Wins Best Comedy (5th March)

Congratulations to Producer David Ngo and Director Matthew Phipps for winning Best Comedy at this year’s South Australian Screen Awards. Their short Jackie’s Spring Palace also won Best Production Design for Master Chef runner-up Poh Ling Yeow (click here for a full list of the winners)

Tropfest Runner Up (20th January)

Congratulations to Cameron Edser and Michael Richards who were awarded second place at this year’s Tropfest in Sydney with My Neighbourhood Has Been Overrun By Baboons (click here to see their film). Also, Dimi Pouliotis won the Bright Sparks award for his short film, sponsored by The Cutting Room, A Moment of Grace.

Tropfest 2010 (20th January)

Viron Papadopoulos’ Bad Language and Nick Matthews’ Death of a Bogan have been short listed to the top 60 for this year’s Tropfest.

(for more details click here)

SASA (15th January)

Congratulations to all the nominees for this year’s South Australian Screen Awards. Special mention to the films Bad Language (Director: Viron Papadopoulos) and Jackie’s Spring Palace (Director: Matthew Phipps), who each received 7 nominations.

(for a full list click here)

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