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The Cutting Room provides complete support for the Red One Camera System - from data wrangling and production pathway design, to post-production supervision and 4K colour grading in native Red Code. In the past 12 months The Cutting Room has successfully completed work on several Red projects. Most recently our company produced the first South Australian film shot on the Red One - Tropfest Finalist Jackie’s Spring Palace (click here for more information), which was successfully completed to a 2K DPX online.

The Cutting Room offers the only complete Red pipeline from set to screen in South Australia. We have thoroughly tested and devised a complete system that is both robust and cost efficient. Recent advancements in our system allow for seamless transition from onset data wrangling to offline editing complete with continuity notes, thumbnails of each setup and high-definition ProRes files ready to edit immediately. The locked off edit is then able to be reconnected to the original Red RAW files using Da Vinci Resolve, the world’s leader in colour grading. This is the only system in the state able to provide proper Red grading using the RAW data.

Low resolution still from Jackie’s Spring Palace.

Other Red projects include the upcoming American/Australian feature film Broken Hill produced by Chris Wyatt (Napoleon Dynamite) and Julie Ryan (Ten Canoes), and the supernatural thriller The School directed by Storm Ashwood.

Low resolution raw stills from The School Trailer.

For further information about how we can help facilitate your project please contact us cut@thecuttingroom.com.au

Shooting on digital acquisition formats such as the Red has rapidly changed and integrated the role of post-production. As such we feel it is vital to the success of such projects to consult with their post-production facility as early as possible. By clarifying and simplifying the data pipeline projects can save immense amounts of time and head aches later on down the track. To ensure things run smoothly we have built a data wrangling package that comes complete with the latest hardware and software tested rigorously by our experienced data wranglers. The Cutting Room’s Red Department is committed to keeping up with cutting edge technology and has devised several new paths for onset support (For a brief overview of our pathway see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Basic Red One Digital Pipeline.

Low resolution raw stills from Broken Hill.

DOP Nick Matthews ACS on set of Broken Hill.